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11/08/2014 - How to overcome obstacles to change
In Living Fully Nourished method, once we have identified the changes that need to be made, we will face the most difficult part: implementing them. It is the hardest part indeed, as changing our current diet or your lifestyle normally involves many sacrifices and there are numerous obstacles that may prevent us from carrying out the initial good intentions.
These are mainly the lack of time, food addictions, family conflicts, lack of financial resources, lack of perseverance and lack of confidence in the diet. However, in the case of most of these obstacles, it is possible to find a solution.

17/06/2014 - Healing the disorders of the body
Once we have identified through the first two principles of the Living Fully Nourished method which physical or emotional agents are attacking our health and making our body suffer, the next step is to find the means of preventing the toxic source and to address the deficiencies. For example, we will have to proceed to a security removal of amalgams, to establish an intolerance-free diet and to seek alternative therapies to overcome deficiencies in certain dimensions of ourselves.
At the same time, we will have to work on strengthening our bodies so that they can tolerate those attacks that can’t be completely avoided, such as environmental pollution. In addition, we will have to minimize the amount as well as the degree of food intolerances.

29/04/2014 - How to choose the best diet for you: Getting to know yourself
Your best doctor is no one else but you. 
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride says: "There is no universal rule, and anyone who tries to prescribe us when we should fast when we should eat and should not be listened to. No scientist, no doctor in the world and no laboratory can tell you what you should do personally. The only authority that everyone should listen to is his own body, because Mother Nature has taken billions of years to draw it".
Our body knows exactly what is best for it, we only need to be able to listen to it. Every animal knows perfectly what to eat, for example cows instinctively eat medicinal herb when they are sick, without being told to do so. Why are we humans the only ones who don't know what is best for us? Why do we consume food that is harmful for us? What kind of factors stop us from listening to our body?
This article will be on the subject of the second principle of Living Fully Nourished method: how to get to know yourself in order to take your health into your own hands.

28/03/2014 - Identifying the origin of diseases
A person should be well-nourished from all perspectives: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. LivingFullyNourished is a method aiming to achieve this full nutrition, based on four principles:
1.- finding the origin of the illness, whether physical, mental or spiritual
2.- knowing yourself in order to find the diet most suited to your body, as well as finding the physical, emotional and spiritual deficiencies in your diet
3.- fixing the dysfunction the body suffers from and addressing the deficiencies
4.- acting, put in practice the necessary changes to recover one’s health.

Illness is an alert raised by the human body so that we realize that something must change in our lives. It is important not to turn off the alarm and continue as if nothing had happened, but to discover why the alarm has been raised in the first place, and so heal the source of the problem later on. Therapy is an important step in this process.
This article will be on the subject of the first principle of the method: identifying the causes of an illness.