Living Fully Nourished

Living Fully Nourished is a holistic approach. It's based on holistic nutrition. It treats the whole person, not just the disease, and searches the root causes under a visible disease, the dysfunction and/or imbalance of the physiology of bodily systems: inflammation, detoxification system overload, gut absorption and microbiological imbalances, immune weakness.

These systems doesn't work properly because an incorrect nutrition of the body, mind and spirit and because the toxic chemical and emotional exposure .They are the roots of the visible diseases.

"You can't keep one disease and heal two others. When the body heals, it heals everything" - Charlotte Gerson

Principles of Living Fully Nourished approach:

A person should be well-nourished from all perspectives: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Regarding the physical nourishment, it’s important to identify 4 different sources: earth (food, nature, physical activity), air (oxygen), water (drinking, cleaning) and fire (energy of the sun).
Living Fully Nourished is a method aiming to achieve this full nutrition, based on four principles:
1.- finding the origin of the illness, whether physical, mental or spiritual;
2.- knowing yourself in order to find the diet most suited to your body, as well as finding the physical, emotional and spiritual deficiencies in your diet;
3.- fixing the dysfunction the body suffers from and addressing the deficiencies;
4.- acting, put in practice the necessary changes to recover one’s health.

1.- Origin

The goal of the first step is to find out the causes of the disease:  intolerance food, toxic chemicals (heavy metals, pesticides, smoking, etc), emotional poisons (stress, injustice, isolation, rejection), toxic emotions (fear, envy, anger inferiority, etc) and nutritional deficiencies (physical, intellectual, social, spiritual), etc.. Laboratory test of blood, urine, stools and hair are used for that purpose. Read more...

2.- Know yourself

The second step is about knowing yourself to find out what’s the best nutrition for the person and identifying deficiencies, with the help of nutritional coaching. 

3.- Repair

The third step search to calm down the inflammation, intoxication or deficiency. A treatment is proposed based on therapeutic food, food intolerances, and, in some cases, very little supplements like probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids. Also meditation, yoga, visualization and other therapies can be advised. Read more...

4.- Act

We must distinguish between pain relieve or symptom relieve and true healing. There’s many techniques for pain relieve, conventional or natural, but true healing only comes from inside, demands an effort from the person, a change of life. That means: nutritional, way of life (sports, nature), mental and emotional changes: at work, friends, relaxing techniques, positivism, etc.