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28/03/2014 - Identifying the origin of diseases
A person should be well-nourished from all perspectives: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. LivingFullyNourished is a method aiming to achieve this full nutrition, based on four principles:
1.- finding the origin of the illness, whether physical, mental or spiritual
2.- knowing yourself in order to find the diet most suited to your body, as well as finding the physical, emotional and spiritual deficiencies in your diet
3.- fixing the dysfunction the body suffers from and addressing the deficiencies
4.- acting, put in practice the necessary changes to recover one’s health.

Illness is an alert raised by the human body so that we realize that something must change in our lives. It is important not to turn off the alarm and continue as if nothing had happened, but to discover why the alarm has been raised in the first place, and so heal the source of the problem later on. Therapy is an important step in this process.
This article will be on the subject of the first principle of the method: identifying the causes of an illness.