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Ana's testimonial: autism

Thursday 29 September 2016

Ana M. comes to my consultation because his autistic son Victor when he’s 26. Ana has tried all kind of alternative treatments, and thanks to that, his son has greatly improved since he was a baby. 
When Victor follows the GAPS diet he experiences another important improvement that greatly satisfy Ana. This is her testimonial:

“Victor was diagnosed with autism a little bit before 4 years old. He had a quite problematic behaviour that derived in an important aggressiveness. When he was 8 years old he even had to take anxiolytic medication:,  Sinogan, Meleril, Haloperidol, Tranxilium, … in very high doses. But even though, we didn’t succeed to control his aggressiveness attacks and self-harm. 
At the beginning of 1998, when he had about 10 years old, he started a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free diet, avoiding other 52 food to which he was intolerant. The diet was a success and in less than a week his behaviour completely changed. Little by little the medication that he was taking since 2 years ago was lowered, and in 3 months he completely stopped them.
In addition of violent behaviour, he also improved his constipation that he was suffering since he was a baby.
Although all the improvements with other therapies during some years, Victor didn’t put on weight, and when he was 24 years old he still wore a 14 years old size, so it was quite difficult to find trousers that fit him!  
At the beginning of 2013 he started the GAPS diet. His diet was very high in fats and proteins (eggs, meat, coconut oil, seeds, nuts) and he also took a lot of vegetables and some fruits. There was a very low carbohydrate intake. The most impressive effect was that in a few months he started to gain weight. He jump two sizes in little time.
Another very important data was a significant change in the cell tests. Since some years, we observed in the microscope the irregularity of his cells, the fragility of cell membranes and the dirty in the interstitial liquid that bath cells. 
In Mars 2015, after following GAPS diet for more than a year, there was a huge change in this cell test. Cell shape was beautiful and cell membrane was not fragile anymore. The doctor told us that cell membranes are made of phospholipids, cholesterol, proteins… just what he was receiving in his diet. It seems that his intestine could absorbe now better and this was reflected in the weight.
I think that the glutathion treatments could help too, but sincerely, I think that the diet was determinant”.

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  1. Gabriela ( 19/10/2016 01:01:30 )
    Well done Ana! I am happy for you and your son. Your storry teaching us all that it is never too late to start the changes. All the best to you Gabriela x
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