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23/04/2020 - Virus and exosomes

Recent studies are showing that viruses are exosomes, messages between body cells. Exosomes are produced by cells when they are poisoned by some kind of toxicity (chemical, electromagnetic, emotional or any nature). Exosomes don’t come from the outside, but from inside of the body, and they play a very important role in disease healing.

08/02/2016 - Epidemics, cancer and media terror. Can we really blame disease on bad luck and genes?
We live in a world dominated by fear. We are constantly worried for money, for our health, for work, for the family…  We are also constantly bombarded with news about crimes, terrorism, and all forms of insecurity (social, political, and economic). But every once in a while, we also receive news about epidemics, or about famous individuals who have died of cancer… These news result in a gradual development of fear within us, sometimes even reaching to the point of terror. 
Out of all negative emotions we feel, fear is the most destructive. Fear creates an internal stress response that leads to an inflammation of the body and to an unfavourable epigenetic expression of the genes that are involved in disease. 
I will be focusing on just one of the fears we are exposed to nowadays: the fear of disease.
In this article I will discuss what one can do so as to prevent these news and current threats to our health from worrying us excessively. 
There is a lot to discuss about this topic - such as the hidden interests behind developing this fear of disease - but I would like to concentrate on how we can make this fear disappear by understanding the origin of diseases and taking responsibility over our own and our family’s health.