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06/02/2015 - Foods by their antinutrient content
In the media we can often find information about the thousand virtues of certain foods: omega3 in flaxseed that is good for the brain, phytohormones in soy that are good for menopause, garlic and onion are antibiotics, chocolate, coffee and wine are still claimed to be beneficial due to their anti-oxidant properties... But what about the harmful effects of these foods? Why are the effects of such as phytic acid in flaxseed; lectins, saponins, oxalates, digestive enzyme inhibitors and goitrogens in soy; alicin in garlic and onion; tannins in chocolate, coffee and wine; oxalates and histamine in chocolate and coffee not considered?
In this article we will address the issue of antinutrients, one of the most controversial questions from the point of view of the different nutritionist trends.