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13/06/2021 - The Natural Hygiene approach to hypersensitivity

Allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivity, electrosensitivity, hypersensitivity to sun, noise, smells, stress... different types of hypersensitivity are explained by the Natural Hygiene approach as an extraordinary elimination process, that happen when there is a toxemic overload in the body. In this post I explain with detail this process and I discuss a method of desensitization.
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22/04/2017 - Are our children malnourished?
Although in the occidental world we don’t suffer of hungry, undernutrition is common in most of the children and adults. Because symptoms of lack of nutrients are present in most of the people, we think it’s normal.
In this article, I would like to alert parents about the danger that we and our children are exposed because of our incorrect way of eating and living, showing how to identify a possible case of malnutrition.


25/06/2016 - The Food Combining System
The food combining system, logically evolved from the study of gastric physiology and the actions of enzymes and digestive juices. Hygienic food selection and the principles or food combining are based on the nutritional needs of humans and the limitations of our digestive systems. It is not what we eat, but what we digest and assimilate, that determines the nourishment our bodies receive. Food combining is based on the discovery that certain combinations of food may be digested with greater ease and efficiency than others.
This article has been extracted by the “Digestive Physiology and Food Combining” by T.C..Fry

03/06/2016 - Gabrielle’s Testimonial: Lyme disease
Gabrielle suffers Lyme disease. On her fist visit, she talked about her symptoms which were imporant gastro-intestinal disorders; cramps; strong pain often even causing her immobility, migraines; fatigue; dizziness; tingling and spots in front of her eyes. Furthermore, she had a tendency to depression and changeable mood. She had followed a vegetarian diet for several years and had also tried many different therapies and diets.
You can read a brief explanation below about the way she became healthy again thanks to the Natural Hygiene approach.

05/05/2016 - The Erroneous Medical Notion of “Cure”
This article has been mainly extracted from the chapters “Discussion Of The Medical Approach To Health And Disease”, “The Nature And Purpose Of Disease” and “The Dangers Of Drug Medication” of “The Life Science Health”, by T.C.Fry, and  “The Alkalizing Cleanse & The Alkalizing Diet” by Dr. David Klein.


03/05/2016 - The Immense Wisdom And Providence Of The Body
This article has been mainly extracted from the lesson “The Immense Wisdom And Providence Of The Body”  of “The Life Science Health”, by T.C.Fry.
The human body is possessed of an intelligence and order that is incomprehensible to our intellects. While many humans are vain and will not admit to an inability to know and understand, let’s face it—we are all finite in our capacities. We cannot comprehend the concept of infinity and we are mystified by many realities of existence.


23/01/2016 - The Human Dietetic Character, Part II
This article and the next two endeavor to establish all the particulars of human dietetic character. 
The information is originally written by T,C.Fry in The Life Science Health System and Dr. Douglas N. Graham in his book “The 80/10/10 Diet” .


16/01/2016 - The Human Dietetic Character, Part I

In this post we will see what are the physiological criteria that foods must meet for humans.
This article has been taken form The Life Science Health System by T.C.Fry.


17/07/2015 - Perfect Health, Part III
In previous articles, we stated the essentials of life from the Life Science perspective, and we explained some of them: air, water, cleanliness and temperature.
In this article we introduce with a short explanation some of the other multiple essentials of life. Some of these subjects will be exhaustively treated in later articles.
It has been abstracted from the chapter:   “Introducing The Life Science System For Perfect Health, Part II"


30/04/2015 - Perfect Health. Part II
In the previous article, we stated the essentials of life and presented in-depth scrutiny of two of these needs, namely air and water. This article encompasses two more essentials of life in summary form: cleanliness and temperature.


05/04/2015 - Perfect Health. Part I
In this article we address what are the essentials of life in order to achieve a perfect health from the point of view of Natural Hygiene approach. It has been abstracted from the chapter:   “Introducing The Life Science System For Perfect Health, Part I"

17/01/2015 - Natural Hygiene: Health and Diseases
In this article we introduce the concept of health and disease from the point of view of Natural Hygiene approach. It has been abstracted from these two chapters:   “Introduction To Life Science As A Way Of Life" and “The Nature And Purpose Of Disease”.


08/11/2014 - Natural Hygiene: an approach to health and lifestyle
This an abstract of the chapter “Introduction To Life Science As A Way Of Life” of The Life Science Health System by T.C. Fry and  the teachings of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton on his book "Health For The Millions"

“It is my privilege to introduce you to the science of health known by the descriptive term ´Life Science.´ It is also known as health science, Natural Hygiene, Hygiene, and other terms."