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12/02/2017 - To what extend does nutrition affects psychology?
In a previous article I introduced the narrow relationship between body and mind; and I concluded that a physical and/or psychological perturbation may be the origin of any physical and/or psychological disease.
In this present article I would like to focus on the influence of physical disorders on psychological diseases, and more specifically, to what extend nutrition can change our mind.


07/12/2015 - How to overcome obstacles: the subconscious
Some ideas were mentioned in a previous article about how we can overcome obstacles to make those life changes which let us enjoy good health. An obstacle that was not mentioned in this other article and which I would like to share in this one, is our subconscious.
Our beliefs, customs, and all automatic behaviors we learned mainly during our childhood reside in the subconscious. As Dr. Bruce Lipton explains in his book "Biology of Belief" and "The Honeymoon Effect", 95% of the time our subconscious is responsible for our behavior.
If you do not manage to follow a diet or make changes in your life you would like to, your subconscious may be boycotting you with ideas that are contrary to what you pursue consciously.
Below I will explain in more detail how the subconscious works and how we can overcome this obstacle.

14/01/2014 - Nutrition and Body-Mind Connection
Body and mind are finely interconnected. Emotions and daily problems affect health, and illnesses alter your mood. How is this communication between the body and the mind produced? Is it possible that you can improve your physical and psychological health simply through nutrition?