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06/12/2017 - The vital energy system. Can sunlight, exercise or Reiki compensate for an unhealthy diet?
Millions of people travel every year on holidays to the south of Europe, looking for sunlight and Mediterranean beaches. Others prefer to spend their vacation doing sports in a little mountain village. We are attracted to beaches by the sunlight, warm temperatures softened by the sea breeze and the idyllic landscapes; and to the mountains by the various sport possibilities, the clean water and air, nature, cool nights as well as the dreamlike landscapes. In both cases, people look to find activities that will bring them wellness and health.
Sunlight, warm temperatures, sports, nature, … from the Natural Hygiene or Life Science perspective, it is considered that for a person to enjoy good health, they need to obtain all elements that are essential in life: pure air and water, the appropriate nutrients, sunlight, nature, physical exercise, rest, sleep, emotional stability, etc. (see description and detailed list in this article)
Nevertheless, in our busy everyday life, it is difficult to fulfil all of these needs. There is always an element that is missing in every person: for some it is a healthy diet, for others it is sufficient sleep, or physical exercise, emotional stability, etc. However, it seems that we survive, and even manage to live in good health, despite missing some of these essential elements in our lives.

03/06/2016 - Gabrielle’s Testimonial: Lyme disease
Gabrielle suffers Lyme disease. On her fist visit, she talked about her symptoms which were imporant gastro-intestinal disorders; cramps; strong pain often even causing her immobility, migraines; fatigue; dizziness; tingling and spots in front of her eyes. Furthermore, she had a tendency to depression and changeable mood. She had followed a vegetarian diet for several years and had also tried many different therapies and diets.
You can read a brief explanation below about the way she became healthy again thanks to the Natural Hygiene approach.

03/05/2016 - The Immense Wisdom And Providence Of The Body
This article has been mainly extracted from the lesson “The Immense Wisdom And Providence Of The Body”  of “The Life Science Health”, by T.C.Fry.
The human body is possessed of an intelligence and order that is incomprehensible to our intellects. While many humans are vain and will not admit to an inability to know and understand, let’s face it—we are all finite in our capacities. We cannot comprehend the concept of infinity and we are mystified by many realities of existence.


05/04/2015 - Perfect Health. Part I
In this article we address what are the essentials of life in order to achieve a perfect health from the point of view of Natural Hygiene approach. It has been abstracted from the chapter:   “Introducing The Life Science System For Perfect Health, Part I"

08/11/2014 - Natural Hygiene: an approach to health and lifestyle
This an abstract of the chapter “Introduction To Life Science As A Way Of Life” of The Life Science Health System by T.C. Fry and  the teachings of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton on his book "Health For The Millions"

“It is my privilege to introduce you to the science of health known by the descriptive term ´Life Science.´ It is also known as health science, Natural Hygiene, Hygiene, and other terms."