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30/09/2016 - Xelo's testimonial: Epilepsy
Samuel suffers multiple chemical sensitivity. He can’t tolerate any chemical substance such as medicines, pesticides, sweeteners, preservatives, personal hygiene products, etc. His mother says that he has allergy to everything.
With a low histamine GAPS diet, ecological, and rich in vegetables we succeed to completely control the epileptic crisis in this 16 years old boy without any kind of medicine. 
You can read his mother’s testimonial:

08/11/2012 - The connection between gluten and casein intolerance and autism, hyperactivity and other behavioral disorders
According to research studies conducted by Professor Karl Reichelt at the University of Oslo, behavioral disorders and various neurological diseases stem from an intolerance to cereals containing gluten and milk casein.
Autism, schizophrenia, epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, school problems, depression ... numerous diseases that increasingly affect our children might be caused by gluten and casein intolerance. By using the urinary peptide analysis, developed by Professor Karl Reichelt, you can tell if the ingested gluten and casein interfere with the brain functions. What is the urinary peptide-test?