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01/10/2016 - Iván's testimonial: development delay
Arnau does not have a clear diagnostics. The doctors talk about autistic spectrum, development delay, … The physiological diseases he presents when he first comes to my consultation are: bloating and abdominal distention, parasites, sensitive skin, very frequent and strong bronchial spasm attacks and otitis. 
He follows several alternative therapies: homeopathy, osteophaty, and development stimulation such as Tomatis. He’s already having a gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free diet that have allowed an important improvement, but his evolution is still deficient. 
Thanks to food intolerance tests, we discover that Arnau is suffering some food intolerances. 
We install a GAPS diet taking into account these food intolerances.
Putting GAPS diet into practice is not easy for the family. Arnau suffers a regression in his cognitive skills: disconnection, return of some stereotypes, … but they persevere with the diet, and very slowly they begin to appreciate the improvements.
Finally, we succeed to remove the bronchial spams and Arnau begins to experience a normal development: oral expression, concentration, memory and motivation. Two years afterwards, it’s possible to reintroduce some food and go out GAPS diet without problems.
You can read his father’s testimonial: