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19/11/2014 - Constipation: causes
We speak of constipation when someone is unable to pass stool regularly. The frequency of the regularity depends on each person, but we generally consider it as constipation when someone feels the need to defecate but this person does not achieve to do so, due to a lack of intestinal motility. 
Constipation is detrimental because the stagnant stool rots in the large bowel, which leads to harmful toxins in the body. Apart from that, people also tend to have an uncomfortable feeling of unease. 
There are many theories about the causes of constipation. In this article you will be able to read about some of them as well as understand the ways to deal with it.
In the second part of the article some remedies are exposed.

19/11/2014 - Constipation: remedies
In the previous article the main causes of constipation were discussed. In the current article the pros and cons of the different approaches to the treatment of constipation will be explained: from conventional medicine to natural and nutritional remedies as well as other therapies.