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05/08/2015 - Autobiography of a fortunate nutritionist
Behind every nutritionist and, in general, behind most people who are dedicated to health, there is a personal story of disease. I am no exception.
This summer I decided to write a little story about how a switch to a healthier lifestyle had a deep impact on the health of my family.
My story is not particularly interesting or astonishing, in fact it is quite common. It is the story of a family who discover the way to good health thanks to suffering some kind of illness. The story of being thankful to the wonderful people I have found on the way, who have led me to find the appropriate treatment, after trying many of them. The story of being graced with capacities as an open mind, a critical spirit, a love for science and a certain ability for sacrifice; of being lucky to be part of a family that has always supported my decisions about health related changes; and so many other graces which I have been blessed with.
It is thanks to all this that the family now enjoy a fantastic good heatlhy and I practice a profession that I love and that fullfills me completely as a person.
I hope that this story encourages people in similar situations to mine to follow a similar path.