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Xelo's testimonial: Epilepsy

Friday 30 th September 2016

Samuel suffers multiple chemical sensitivity. He can’t tolerate any chemical substance such as medicines, pesticides, sweeteners, preservatives, personal hygiene products, etc. His mother says that he has allergy to everything.
With a low histamine GAPS diet, ecological, and rich in vegetables we succeed to completely control the epileptic crisis in this 16 years old boy without any kind of medicine. 
You can read his mother’s testimonial:

“We came to visit Gemma Calzada after more than one year of GAPS diet by our own. We bought Dr. Campbell-McBride’s book, and we installed more or less the protocol on our 16 years old boy suffering autism and epilepsy. Sometimes it worked well, and other times, not so well. After more than a year, we perceived that he had important rise in histamine levels, and we didn’t know how to manage this question.
We contacted Gemma, who guided us to a more adequate diet for our son’s pathology. We changed to a low histamine GAPS diet, more alkaline, with more raw vegetables.
The use of ecologic fruits and vegetables has been crucial in the treatment. 
Our son has greatly improved, calming down his nervousness. Today he is free of epilepsy and without medication.
Gemma has guided us, but mainly, we have learned a lot. She’s a professional that doesn’t keep her wisdom for herself, but she shares and encourage us to study and to learn”


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