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Gabrielle’s Testimonial: Lyme disease

Friday 3 rd June 2016

Gabrielle suffers Lyme disease. On her fist visit, she talked about her symptoms which were imporant gastro-intestinal disorders; cramps; strong pain often even causing her immobility, migraines; fatigue; dizziness; tingling and spots in front of her eyes. Furthermore, she had a tendency to depression and changeable mood. She had followed a vegetarian diet for several years and had also tried many different therapies and diets.
You can read a brief explanation below about the way she became healthy again thanks to the Natural Hygiene approach.

Her health status at the beginning was the following :
  • She was permanently exhausted or fatigued, often having to stretch/take a nap.
  • She used to be anorexic with depression when she was young. She had a tendency to depression, moodiness, anger for no reason and had had 3 burnouts.
  • She had a lack of vitamin B12 as well as low levels of vitamin D and she had been taking a high dose of magnesium for over 20 years.
  • She had been seeing spots like flies since her adolescence.
  • She was hypersensitive to noise.
  • She had metal fillings (amalgams) and bruxism.
  • She had had bleeding oral ulcers for years.
  • Her tongue had always been white, sometimes even black.
  • She had a burning feeling and soreness on the corners of her mouth and on her tongue, too.
  • She had frequent stomach aches, nausea attacks and spasms. She always felt full and heavy even when she had eaten little. She had some acidity and reflux problems as well. Depending on what she had eaten, she often woke up at night and had trouble sleeping. Although she had eaten, she could still feel hungry and not feel like eating.
  • She had cramps at night.
  • She had constipation issues.
  • Some days her belly was really swollen.
  • She often had spasms and could have attacks of diarrhea as liquid as water.
  • She had a white complexion with dark circles under her eyes.
  • She had been suffering from pain throughout her body, cramps at night and headache for years, according to her sleeping position. Occasionally she also had migraines, suffered from dizziness and saw black spots.
  •  She had had tingles all over her body for 2-3 years that have become permanent and felt like acidity in muscles and tendons, her joints hurt as well. The pain had become so great in the last months that she could hardly move and had to stretch regularly.
  • She took vitamin B12 injections, a blend of essential oils, magnesium, probiotics, vitamin D and analgesics.
  • She tried homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy and energy therapies.
  • She was a vegetarian, did not consume gluten and only very little sugar. Since her adolescence she had tried different diets and dietary changes, without any results.
We started the hygienic diet : a detox that involves eating only fresh fruit. Then we progressively introduced vegetables, nuts and some fatty fruits and finally tubers, quinoa and buckwheat.
Six months later her status is the following: The gastro-intestinal disorders, dizziness, fatigue, depression, mood swings, pain and migraine have dissapeared. Besides, there has been a great improvement regarding the cramps, tingling and spots in front of her eyes.
Although she is going through a time of great stress, she can now take it much better. Some symptoms have returned owing to the stress, but they are much milder than before.
She explains her experience how her health improved with these words:
« The third day of the detox was amazing. I felt energy and a zest for life that I had not experienced for years. It is amazing how dietary changes have influenced my energy levels. I could not have put up with the period of great stress I am going though right now. Although not everything is 100% perfect, I know that I am on the right track.
The same way as the energy and zest for life, inner calm has appeared in my life. I do not feel carried away by emotions anymore, I feel I can control them now.
I am experiencing long periods without seeing spots in front of my eyes.
There has been a great improvement in my sensitivity to noise.
I have been able to live without ulcers for weeks; in the last 6 months I have only had 3 small ones, which I had never before experienced!
During the detox I've seen a change in the state of my tongue. Then, when I started to eat richer food and also because of the stress it became worse, but nothing comparable to what it was like previously.
I am not suffering from the burning feeling and soreness neither on the corners of my mouth nor on my tongue anymore.
From the third day the stomachache has decreased significantly, then it disappeared for months. Now stress has returned but much lighter than before, and it only happens sometimes.
Attacks (nausea, cramps, etc.) occur depending on what I eat. I react very strongly to everything that is fatty, such as nuts, especally if I'm stressed or I eat very fast. It is still a weak point.
Neither acidity nor reflux occur anymore.
Cramps at night have significantly lessened, however, they still do occur from time to time.
My belly is much less swollen, only a little bit, epecially when I consume fatty foods.
I do not experience diarrhea and spasms anymore.
The pain disappeared during the detox and the reintroduction of vegetables, nuts and cereals. But with the stress it has returned, although much milder than before.
I don’t get migraines, only a slight tension from time to time.
I no longer feel dizzy.
There has been an improvement of black spots in my vision, but I still see them occasionally.
Due to stress, I have tingling, but I have not had it since the detox.
I practise nordic walking again, about 30 minutes 4-5 times a week and 2-3 hours at the weekend. Previously I could not do any sports.
I still take magnesium but only when I have cramps and I also take probiotics. In 6 months I have only taken 2 analgesics; before I had come to take 6 to 12 times a day for several days.» 
« When I eat cooked food, even vegetables, I feel that my digestive system is upset, it is more difficult for it to work, so it wants raw food!
When I return to my fruit it gets calm, I feel a big difference.
When I add some raw vegetables, everything goes well too, but there is nothing to do, fruit is perfect for me, even if I need to change my diet and if it is socially easier if varied.
What I would like to add is the importance of being accompanied in a dietary change. I would never have imagined that eating according to the hygienic diet could bring about so many benefits. However, it raises many fears and doubts, which may appear due to beliefs, social pressures, etc. Gemma, with her precise knowledge, has accompanied me with care and quality. She has answered my questions, my doubts and my remarks professionally. She guides with respect, without imposition or sectarianism, her openness and attention are a real gift! »

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