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Healing the disorders of the body

Tuesday 17 th June 2014

Once we have identified through the first two principles of the Living Fully Nourished method which physical or emotional agents are attacking our health and making our body suffer, the next step is to find the means of preventing the toxic source and to address the deficiencies. For example, we will have to proceed to a security removal of amalgams, to establish an intolerance-free diet and to seek alternative therapies to overcome deficiencies in certain dimensions of ourselves.
At the same time, we will have to work on strengthening our bodies so that they can tolerate those attacks that can’t be completely avoided, such as environmental pollution. In addition, we will have to minimize the amount as well as the degree of food intolerances.

Depending on whether the kind of cause is an aggression or a deficiency, different actions will need to be taken:
1.- If the cause is originated in an external stressor, it may be a physical source or a source of emotional/spiritual negativity
  • If we are talking about a physical source, may it be a toxic chemical, unhealthy food or stress; we will have to try to avoid it as much as possible. In some cases it is impossible to do so because we simply don’t have the means to change our environment, to buy food that is not harmful for our bodies or to remove the toxic object (for example an amalgam). In this case, we will have to work on maximizing the capacity of detoxification of the body.
  • In case it is an emotional or spiritual source, we will also need to proceed to study the possible ways to prevent that negativity, as well as the ways to strengthen ourselves to be immunized to the source in question.
2.- If the cause is due to a deficiency in some aspect of our personality, we will have to proceed to enrich our personality in that specific area, looking for the most appropriate solution for ourselves. Thus, if the deficiency is of a spiritual nature, we must find a spiritual kind of solution that best suits us: religious, body-mind, ethical, moral, social, etc. If the problem consists of lack of physical exercise, we should decide what kind of activity is more convenient for us, whether it should be soft or intense, if we should do it in group or individually, indoors or outdoors, etc. In addition, if there is a lack of exposure to the sun and nature; lack of sleep; lack of resources, etc. we will also need to find the best way to solve the problem.
Virtually in all cases some kind of injury has been caused to the body, which should be fixed. In many cases, simply by avoiding the cause (may it be an agression or a deficiency) we can help the body heal itself, as it has an extraordinary capacity of relief. Additionally, provided that the tolerable limits are not exceeded, we can simply get rid of the load. But when the damage is too deep, the body may need some external help to heal itself, which could even speed up the whole healing process.
For instance, in the case of food intolerances, we come up against the problem that by embarking on the elimination diet, a patient improves temporarily, but then soon begins to develop new intolerances to new foods that replace previous ones which he or she was intolerant to. This way the patient becomes intolerant to more and more foods. Consequently, we must fix the intestine so that intolerances do not increase over time, but on the contrary they gradually decrease.

Helping the healing process

There are many holistic therapies that help the body recover: homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, etc.
Sometimes you do not need to invest in a specific therapy, you can simply make small changes in your life that can help you feel happy. Doing pleasurable activities produces endorphins which is highly curative. For example:
  1. Pleasure of the senses. Visual (beautiful scenery), auditory (relaxing music), tactile (touch, massage), olfactory (wet grass, flowers, sea, etc.). 
  2. Personal fulfillment, giving meaning to life: offering material or immaterial help, charity, voluntary actions, altruistic work. 
  3. Love: offering and receiving it from family or friends. Pets offer unconditional love, that is why they can be highly therapeutic. The spiritual love for a higher entity can be greatly rewarding. Miracles or spontaneous remissions in people with a deep faith have always been numerous throughout history. 
  4. Leisure: sunbathing, swimming, hot springs, mountain excursions, sightseeing, etc.
When addressing most emotional, psychological or spiritual problems, a specialized therapist will be necessary for each topic. As my specialties are nutrition and toxicology, I will focus on these aspects when preparing a curative treatment.
Thanks to the above principles, we are able to identify what are the wrong or harmful foods for us. These may be disadvantageous because there is an intolerance to them or because they are "polluted" due to poor production. This “contamination” could be caused by chemical products, breeding or cultivation, transportation, place of production, genetic modification, etc.

Disorders of the body

The following are the most important disorders of the body to heal:
  1. Leaky-gut syndrome
  2. Gut flora imbalance or dysbiosis
  3. Enzymatic dysfunction
  4. Detoxification system capability
When these conditions are restored, all the symptoms that arise from them will be fixed:
  1. Inflammation, which is an underlying cause in most existing diseases of our time
  2. Deficiency of nutrient absorption: lack of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, etc.
  3. Body intoxication and poisoning
  4. Weakened immune system
Check this page for detailed information about what these conditions consist of. In summary, we can say that because of the dysbiosis there are toxins in the intestine. Due to an enzyme failure food is not fully digested and undesirable bacteria in the intestines are fed on this food waste. And because of the leaky-gut syndrome these substances resulting from the enzymatic failure and dysbiosis (toxins, bacteria, partially digested food) reach the blood and trigger an immune system attack, resulting in inflammatory, allergic and autoimmune diseases. These substances are also going to "smear" the body in general, disrupting its efficient operation, and resulting in psychological, neurological, degenerative, cardiovascular, endocrine etc. diseases, depending on where they are located.

Nutritional therapy

The recovery of body functions from a nutritional point of view can be done in different ways:
1.- Therapeutic foods:
As Hippocrates said, "Let food be your medicine." There are many foods that act as medicine, those that our ancestors knew well and ate regularly, and by doing so, they were unknowingly preventing the onset of diseases.
  • Fixing the intestinal flora
  • Repairing the leaky gut
  • Detoxification and recovering the enzymatic system
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Nutrition
  • Fasting if it's necessary
2.- Supplements:
In order to reinforce certain deficiencies that are difficult to overcome with food, consider using certain supplements.
  • probiotics and prebiotics
  • fish oil and cod liver oil which are rich in omega3 fatty acids, vitamins A and D, DHA, EPA and “good cholesterol” 
  • vitamins and minerals, only in cases in which the disease is so severe that there is an urgency to quickly overcome deficiencies.

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