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Saturday 23 rd January 2016
This article and the next two endeavor to establish all the particulars of human dietetic character. 
The information is originally written by T,C.Fry in The Life Science Health System and Dr. Douglas N. Graham in his book “The 80/10/10 Diet” .


Saturday 16 th January 2016

In this post we will see what are the physiological criteria that foods must meet for humans.
This article has been taken form The Life Science Health System by T.C.Fry.


Monday 7 th December 2015
Some ideas were mentioned in a previous article about how we can overcome obstacles to make those life changes which let us enjoy good health. An obstacle that was not mentioned in this other article and which I would like to share in this one, is our subconscious.
Our beliefs, customs, and all automatic behaviors we learned mainly during our childhood reside in the subconscious. As Dr. Bruce Lipton explains in his book "Biology of Belief" and "The Honeymoon Effect", 95% of the time our subconscious is responsible for our behavior.
If you do not manage to follow a diet or make changes in your life you would like to, your subconscious may be boycotting you with ideas that are contrary to what you pursue consciously.
Below I will explain in more detail how the subconscious works and how we can overcome this obstacle.

Wednesday 5 th August 2015
Behind every nutritionist and, in general, behind most people who are dedicated to health, there is a personal story of disease. I am no exception.
This summer I decided to write a little story about how a switch to a healthier lifestyle had a deep impact on the health of my family.
My story is not particularly interesting or astonishing, in fact it is quite common. It is the story of a family who discover the way to good health thanks to suffering some kind of illness. The story of being thankful to the wonderful people I have found on the way, who have led me to find the appropriate treatment, after trying many of them. The story of being graced with capacities as an open mind, a critical spirit, a love for science and a certain ability for sacrifice; of being lucky to be part of a family that has always supported my decisions about health related changes; and so many other graces which I have been blessed with.
It is thanks to all this that the family now enjoy a fantastic good heatlhy and I practice a profession that I love and that fullfills me completely as a person.
I hope that this story encourages people in similar situations to mine to follow a similar path.

Friday 17 th July 2015
In previous articles, we stated the essentials of life from the Life Science perspective, and we explained some of them: air, water, cleanliness and temperature.
In this article we introduce with a short explanation some of the other multiple essentials of life. Some of these subjects will be exhaustively treated in later articles.
It has been abstracted from the chapter:   “Introducing The Life Science System For Perfect Health, Part II"


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