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Monday 17 th December 2018
Alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, … are some of the stimulants that we consume on a daily basis.
We think that they are not harmful, and even some studies even claim they may be beneficial in small amounts. But what is really happening in the body of a person when he/she has these products? Why do they seem harmless if they are so toxic? And what happens when he/she tries to stop having them?
Did you know that some foods containing sugar, dairy and gluten follow a similar process in the body?
This article is a review of Herbert Shelton’s teachings about stimulants, from his book “Human Life. Its Philosophy and Laws”.


Friday 9 th November 2018
Has you ever felt a little bit sleepy after eating a salad? Or lightly constipated when you eat a very large salad?
Lettuce contains a substance called lactucarium that “is known as lettuce opium because of its curative sedative and analgesic properties”, although it’s not an opium derivative.
“The chemical constituents of lactucarium that have been investigated for biological activity include lactucin and its derivatives lactucopicrin and 11β13-dihydrolactucin. Lactucin and lactucropicrin were found to have sedative activity in measurements of spontaneous movements of the mice.” (Wikipedia)
Not every person will feel the sedative effect of this substance; the sensitivity of every person is very different. But if you are a hyper sensitive person, and you react to food-drugs such as coffee, chocolate, tea, coke, spices, herbs, etc., then I recommend you to be careful with lettuce. Have salads preferably in the evening meals, and avoid lettuce if you have tendency to have  constipation. But also, if you are highly sensitive, you may use it as a medicine as an analgesic!


Sunday 19 th November 2017
When its cold outside we prefer to eat warm or hot food, such as soup, potaje, stew, legumes and chestnuts in Spain; or fondue, raclette and croûte in the Swiss alpine villages. But, are these the best dishes to consume in winter?


Thursday 3 rd December 2015
The avocado is a unique fruit because of its high fat content and low sugar levels. It has a high nutritional value, and is very much appreciated by vegetarians due to its high content of high quality protein and fat, in addition to vitamins, minerals and fiber.
This is why avocado is considered one of the healthiest foods, and it is even considered a superfood.

Tuesday 24 th November 2015
Nowadays, concern about antibiotic resistance seems to be growing: antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to new kinds of super-resistant bacteria. This phenomenon exists because doctors prescribe antibiotics too often.
In order to avoid this prescription overuse, instead of antibiotics, natural antibiotics are recommended by alternative medicine as a safe alternative. Is it really possible to have completely side effect free antibiotics that don’t increase the bacterial resistance?
Usually, a person consumes on a daily basis several products that contain antibiotics as medicine, or have antibiotic properties. Are we unaware of being subject to a daily antibiotic therapy?
In this article we will address the problems that are related to the intake of natural and conventional antibiotics as well as food with antibiotic properties.

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