Reiki Consciousness®

Olivier Honsperger developed Reiki Consciousness®, a new holistic healing method that groups together the best techniques from different healing approaches: Reiki, Bioenergetic points, Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy, etheric surgery, Neuro-quantum coaching, psycho-energetic techniques, release protocols, meditation and reconnecting to oneself.
With regards to Reiki Consciousness®, Olivier says “One session of Reiki Consciousness® healing does not limit itself to a simple healing of the body: it intervenes in the concept of alternative and holistic medicine, considering the Being in its wholeness.
It acts in depth, at a physical level as well as psychologically and spiritually, to induce a state of profound inner peace.
The aim of Reiki Consciousness® is to anchor and align conscience with the heart: the vibratory and liberating power of the heart is the power that rebalances the whole of the Being in all planes!
Reiki Consciousness® enables a direct canalisation to the source and a connection to the essential vibration of one’s heart.
Universal energy canalised directly to the source, therefore connected to elevated spiritual dimensions, brings superior and very concrete results.
The aim, centred on the vibration of the heart rather than the mind, is to reinforce and accelerate the process of healing, to vitalise the body and spirit, to regulate the energetic system, dissolve blockages and facilitate total relaxation.”


Reiki sessions

One session of Reiki may last from 30 minutes to 1h30min, and consists of a treatment of Reiki and/or Access Bars.
The price of this session is 100 CHF (25 CHF every 15 minutes)

Reiki session + Holistic Nutrition

It is possible to combine a Reiki session with a nutritional advice and personalised health coaching.
The price of the sessions of nutrition are detailed here. Then, you can have a reduction in your Reiki sessions to 60 CHF for 1 hour of Reiki (15 CHF every 15 minutes)