Living Fully Nourished

Living Fully Nourished is integrative and holistic approach to a person’s health from the physical, psychological, and spiritual point of view. It aims to treat the whole person by addressing the root causes – rather than just the discernible symptoms – of a disease: the incorrect nutrition of the body, mind, and spirit, and exposure to physical and emotional toxins.

It searches the root causes under a visible disease, the dysfunction and/or imbalance of the physiology of bodily systems: inflammation, inflammation, dysbiosis of gut microbiome, leaky gut, poor nutrient absorption, detoxification system overload, immune weakness.

These systems doesn't work properly because an incorrect nutrition of the body, mind and spirit and because the toxic chemical and emotional exposure .They are the roots of the visible diseases.

Principles of Living Fully Nourished method:

A person should be well-nourished at every level of their being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. To be fully nourished means to achieve a perfect balance, avoiding both excesses and deficiencies in every aspect.
Living Fully Nourished is a method that aims to achieve this kind of nutrition, and is based on three principles:

1.- Origin - Identifying the cause of the illness, be it physical, mental or spiritual.
2.- Knowing yourself – in order to identify the effects of various kinds of food on your health.
3.- Coaching - in order to put into practise the necessary changes to recover one’s health and to overcome any obstacles to implementing these changes.

1.- Origin

The goal of the first step is to find out the causes of the disease:  food intolerances, toxic chemicals, negative emotions, stress, nutritional imbalances (physical, intellectual, social, spiritual), conflict or trauma, negative beliefs, etc. Laboratory test of blood, urine, stool and saliva may be used for that purpose. Read more...

2.- Know yourself

The second step is about knowing yourself to find out what’s the best nutrition for you, with the help of nutritional counseling. 

3.- Coaching

We must distinguish between pain relieve or symptom relieve and true healing. There’s many techniques for pain relieve, conventional or natural, but true healing only comes from inside, demands an effort from the person, a change of life. That means: nutrition, life style, mental and emotional changes, etc.
Many obstacles may appear that we will help you to overcome.