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Epidemics, cancer and media terror. Can we really blame disease on bad luck and genes?

Monday 8 th February 2016

We live in a world dominated by fear. We are constantly worried for money, for our health, for work, for the family…  We are also constantly bombarded with news about crimes, terrorism, and all forms of insecurity (social, political, and economic). But every once in a while, we also receive news about epidemics, or about famous individuals who have died of cancer… These news result in a gradual development of fear within us, sometimes even reaching to the point of terror. 
Out of all negative emotions we feel, fear is the most destructive. Fear creates an internal stress response that leads to an inflammation of the body and to an unfavourable epigenetic expression of the genes that are involved in disease. 
I will be focusing on just one of the fears we are exposed to nowadays: the fear of disease.
In this article I will discuss what one can do so as to prevent these news and current threats to our health from worrying us excessively. 
There is a lot to discuss about this topic - such as the hidden interests behind developing this fear of disease - but I would like to concentrate on how we can make this fear disappear by understanding the origin of diseases and taking responsibility over our own and our family’s health. 

The first time the idea of an epidemic terrified me, I remember, was back in 1995 after watching the movie “Outbreak”. Sometimes, over the course of the last few years, it seems like the news wants us to believe that this nightmare may actually come true.
From time to time we hear about a new epidemic that rises our level of fear. Some recent examples include the Swine Flu (2009), the Ebola virus (2014) and now, it the Zika virus’s turn. But we also often hear about other small infectious disease outbreaks and about cancer in general - which we tend to hear through statistics, recent research, and the deaths of famous individuals. 
We live terrified of the possibility of getting cancer. Who hasn’t heard a friend or relative explain the case of someone known to him that was suddenly diagnosed with cancer, and sometimes even in an advanced stage of development? And so all sorts of prevention tests are advised to people. Some women are so terrified that they are willing to perform a mastectomy as a preventive measure.
Why do we fear these diseases so much? Because doctors convince us that they are uncontrollable and deadly - meaning that we cannot do anything to avoid them, and that the consequences are most likely to be fatal.
We are told that cancer, auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and a long list of other diseases are genetically based so that when one has the genes for the disease, there is a high risk of developing it. 
But in fact, it is not so much genetics but epigenetics that truly matters. Epigenetics control the expression of the genes - that is, if they are switched on or off.
Environmental and emotional factors play important roles in epigenetics. Such factors include nutrition, chemicals, pollution, negative emotions and fear, all of which can have the last say in whether you will develop cancer or not. So, if you are afraid of getting cancer, there is a much higher chance that you will develop it. This is why the life expectancy that is dictated by doctors to a patient when they are diagnosed can almost be like a death sentence to them. This concept is referred to as the “nocebo effect”, which is discussed in this really interesting TED talk which I recommend that you watch. The mind is very powerful!
But if you follow a TRULY healthy lifestyle, you do not need to worry about cancer or any other disease. I used the word “truly” because the beliefs about what a healthy lifestyle is can vary from person to person. To some, a healthy lifestyle might mean avoiding smoking, drinking and drugs - while to others a healthy lifestyle might consist of exercise, meditation and eating organic. But perhaps this is insufficient, perhaps their beliefs about nutrition are incorrect, or they do not sleep or rest enough. Here is a checklist of the most essential principles of life that should be taken into account.                                
At any rate, a cancer does not develop out of nowhere. The body always begins gradually experiencing symptoms - and they become more frequent and severe as time progresses. But if these symptoms are silenced by medicine - be it natural or conventional medicine, if one does not search for the roots of the problem and the situation remains unfixed, then the problem becomes increasingly worse until a fatal disease will one day develop - if the cause of this disease is not found. This article explains, with great detail, the different stages that a person goes through until they reach cancer. 
We are so used to living in a society where the great majority of the population is sick, that we consider some diseases to be ordinary and a part of life. But it shouldn’t be ordinary that a child need glasses, that they get cavities, or that they fall sick several times a year. Neither should it be ordinary that women have premenstrual syndrome, nor that men should have stomach ulcers. All of these diseases are alarms that are ringing to tell us that there are aspects of our life that are unhealthy, and that we must change these aspects of life before the consequences are severe. 
Dr. Douglas Graham states (4): “Cancer researchers have demonstrated that when cells in a petri dish are bathed in an appropriate nutritive environment and the toxic waste products of their metabolism are efficiently removed, healthy cells result. To date, it has been impossible to cause cancer in these healthy cells no matter which carcinogens they are briefly exposed to”.  Of course, every body (including a healthy one) has a limit to its resistance against toxicity - but a healthy body will clearly be more resilient. 
Any virus or bacterial attack, or that which may be caused by any other agent does not represent a danger if one’s immune system is strong enough. Even further, there are theories, such as Life Science (2) and New German Medicine (3) that argue that viruses do not exist in reality.
Dr. Douglas Graham also states that (4): “Pasteur’s untenable theory lives on as the foundation that underlies the medical model of disease and healing. Society accepts it as truth, despite the fact that it is fraught with inconsistencies. In more than one hundred years, the germ theory of disease has yet to be proved as fact … while having been disproved repeatedly by Koch’s postulates”… “After years of debate with colleagues, he [Pasteur] is said to have capitulated from his deathbed, admitting that microbes are not the primary and sufficient cause of disease”… “Just as mosquitoes do not cause stagnant ponds and flies do not cause piles of manure, the ´germs´ (bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms) around and inside us do not cause the toxins in our bodies.”
Bacteria help us to remove harmful substances from our body, because bacteria feed on our waste. So that if we kept our body free from bad habits (junk food, toxicity, negative emotions, etc.) bacteria would not develop in our body, even if we are exposed to them in an epidemic, a pandemic, an insect bite, water contamination or whatever other factor.
Although there is no particular source explicitly supporting this theory, I believe that diseases related to mosquitos such as malaria, Zika virus, and lyme disease, could possibly result from a chemical intoxication in an area, such as different vaccination in a country, a pesticide, or a chemical accident in a factory in the region. I base this theory on the teachings of T.C. Fry about diseases (1). For instance, concerning the microcephaly that is now related to the Zika virus, it is widely accepted that “Babies may also be born with microcephaly if, during pregnancy, their mother abused drugs or alcohol, became infected with a cytomegalovirus, rubella (German measles), or varicella (chicken pox) virus, was exposed to certain toxic chemicals, or had untreated phenylketonuria (PKU)” (5) Have these mothers possibly been exposed to a toxic chemical during pregnancy, possibly a vaccine, a medicine, a pesticide, …? 
I will now explain a personal experience. When I began learning about alternative medicine, one of my favourite books was called “Prenez en main votre santé”, by Michel Dogna. This consisted of three encyclopaedia books about natural health and nutrition. The goal of these books, as the title mentions, is to become autonomous in taking care of one’s health. Later on, I attended a course of homeopathy to learn how to take care of my family in case of acute disease. Homeopathy was not enough, because my family continued getting ill. It was not until I began improving our nutrition, that I truly began taking care of our health - because I now understood what the origin of disease was and not only how to heal it with natural medicine, but how to avoid it overall.
For this reason we have stopped fearing viruses, bacteria, parasites and insects. Because it is no coincidence that my daughter did not get lyme disease when she was bitten by a tick, that we have not caught the flu for the past 6 years, that I have ceased getting conjunctivitis, that my mother has ceased her asthmatic bronchitis episodes… It is no coincidence that my youngest daughter does not fracture nor break a single bone despite her dangerous falls from ice-skating and skiing, that my husband has ceased having aches from carrying the heavy luggage when walking up the stairs, and a long list of other problems that for us have ceased to exist. We are NOT LUCKY. We are simply HEALTHY.
T.C.Fry says (2), “In conclusion I assure you that disease is not something to fear. That’s like being scared of your own body. If you fear anything fear your disposition to indulge in unwhole­some foods and unwholesome living conditions.” 
We do not fear cancer or epidemics anymore. Change your lifestyle and you will never again be afraid of disease.

Thank you to my daughter Judit for the English corrections and her valuable contributions to the article.


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